Loverboy & Nelson at the Ryman Auditorium

So Saturday, September 15th 2018, will go down as one of those moments in this band's history that makes you pinch yourself to make sure it really happened. When Mr. Todd told us we were going to open for Loverboy and Nelson at the Ryman, we were floored and so grateful that we were given this opportunity. We never imagined that it would go as well as it did. Everyone that we talked to that day were so nice and helpful and made sure we had what we needed. Mike Reno and the guys in Loverboy were great and Matthew & Gunnar Nelson and their band were as well. The security staff and crew for the Ryman were fantastic. Here we were, just this little old band from Memphis made up of 14,15 and 16 yr old kids, getting ready to play the historic Ryman with Loverboy and Nelson. We finished our soundcheck at 6:59 and dooors opened at 7:00. We took the stage at 7:50 and we had 20 minutes to do our thing in front of our first Nashville crowd. We played 3 original songs and ended with our version of Ted Nugent's Stranglehold. When the crowd rose to their feet at the end of our set and gave us a standing ovation, we were in shock. It's exactly the kind of thing you dream about, like making the game-winning shot in a championship game. We can't thank the crowd enough for making us feel so welcome and making our first trip to Nashville such a successful/memorable one for us. Thank you again to everyone for making that night so special! 

Matt, Ryan & Zeke

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